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Inclusión Educativa


In CER we know that every child has characteristics, interests,abilities and different learning needs, we have had an educative inclusion program for more than 18 years, because we firmly believe that every child has the right, not only to be accepted in a regular school, but to be truly included to participate in all the activities that the scholar environment has to offer them.

Our inclusion program is structured and formal, it has limited space because we think both regular and inclusion students can be benefited, we require to make some changes and modifications in contents, estimations, structures and strategies that are only able to have if we keep our inclusion places. These are places that we are able to handle in a responsible way thanks to the abilities we have as a school.

Inclusión Educativa


In CER we are firmly convinced that every child can learn when they have the right learning opportunities and we plan the personalized learning; when you create support teams, you can stimulate the social abilities and responsibilities between the students, you plan the transitions and you can work with parents and other professionals.

In CER, as an inclusive school, all the students, parents, teachers, administrative staff and other members from the educative community:

  1. Know that every child belongs to the educative community
  2. We make a strong work in every students’ learning.

  1. We give the same opportunities to every child according to each characteristic and possibility of each person, and to the rules of every activity.
  2. We recognize every person’s value.
  3. We see every person as unique.
  4. TWe learn from and about people with different characteristics.
  5. We work together in the problem solving management.